Color Description

Instructions: Follow the steps below, and answer all questions in a MS Word document. 

  1. My True Colour Description
    • List your true colour, and describe your top 2 characteristics, 2 likes, 2 needs, 2 skills, 2 strengths & 2 potential weakness. To determine your true colour, refer to the Score Sheet we completed in the last few days. For the description, refer to the PD at school hand out.
  2. How I will use True Colours as a Leader
    • As a future leader, describe how you will support and inspire EACH of the 4 colours to work hard and accomplish objectives. Refer to the PD at school hand out, and address the likes, needs, skills and strengths of each of the 4 colours.
  3. Myers-Briggs Personality Type, Score, Description & Opinion
    • Visit the following website and take the Jung Typology Test (Myers-Briggs)

• Save you score in the word document (this should include percentages for each category).

• Visit the following website and copy and paste the descriptions of your personality type by holding your mouse over the correct cell in the 16 cell table

• Do you agree with the description? What do you agree with? Indicate whether or not anything in the description is not applicable to you. Can any of your scores explain this?

  1. What I can offer an Organization
    • Interpret what your personality type will mean for you in terms of what you will be able to bring to the workplace. Describe 4 benefits of your personality to an organization. Click on “all types are equal” on the website to see what you can offer based on your MBTI classification.
  2. Jobs that Suit My Personality
    • Based on #3, List some jobs that might be suited to your personality. (e.g. Accountant) and indicate WHY. Refer to your true colour, Jung Typology Test and/or PD at school hand out.

Sample Solution

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