1. Many people view prisons as schools of crime. Discuss The idea of prisonization in the context of such common belief. What other social and cultural forces contribute to prisonization?

2. Ultimately, is cognitive-behavioral change up to each individual prisoner? To reduce recidivism, must minds be changed before behavior will follow?

3. Which make more sense: determinate or indeterminate sentences? How did indeterminate sentences change sentences from being viewed as progressive to punitive? In your discussion please make sure to explain both terms.

4. Is disintegrative shaming necessarily a bad thing? Are Some offenders fully deserving of ostracism and shame? if so, which types? Step2: Read other students posts and respond to at least 2 other students. Step 3:Instructor reviews posts. Step 4: Instructor may circulates response to entire class summarizing the main/ relevant points.

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