Michael Sam showering habits in Rams camp

Review the video clip on Michael Sam showering habits in
Rams camp [Length 1:431.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=98,v=uuEAgZSFuRARead the article: Fisher angry over ESPN report on Sam’s ‘showering habitshttps://www.stItoday.com/sports/football/professional/fisher-angry-over-espn-report-on-sam-s-showering-habits/article_d09bebec-44ff-5a3d-b5a3-139dcl bld0abe.html Answer the following questions: Who is the distraction? Is It Sam or is it the media like ESPN? Was the reporter just reporting what aplayer told her? Should ESPN have put the brakes on this type of story before airing it? Does ESPN have a point? On the one hand, the networks own print vehicle, ESPN The Magazine, carried a feature on showering in pro sports and concluded that it really wasn’t going to be an issue. Your initial response should meet the following requirements:

You must justify your answer. The initial post must be 450-500 words. 

Sample Solution

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