Company’s expand

Identify an enterprise of your choice, which can be from either public or private sector, which has the potential to expand globally.Using existing theories to critically analyse the following: The countries the company should expand to. The entry modes the company should choose in each of the two selected countries The internationalization strategy the company should apply in each of the two selected countries Evaluate the strength and weakness of the expansion for the enterprise.

criteria Good title, clear structure (contents page);Clarity and conciseness of the issues covered in the topic Understanding of concepts and content: Literature review with good sources included (at least 15 recent academic journal references) and some assessment /summary of published work. Critical judgment in selecting and ordering content: Joined up thinking:From title to argument to conclusion (Evaluation- Synthesis-Analysis); Building an Argument — using your references adeptly. Structure of argument and conclusions which relate to the topic: a comprehensive, interesting reflection of your learning Pro activity in extent and range of research as evidenced by content and bibliography.

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