Interpersonal Process

Visit the University of Kent’s website and review the”Top Ten Skills That Employers Want.” you can google it to find article ( Once you have read the article, answer each of the following questions: 1. Of the top most desirable employ ability skills, #1 Verbal Communication, #2 Teamwork, and #7 Written Communication directly relate to communication. Does this surprise you?Why or why not? Explain. 2.Think about classes you’ve taken in college or ones that you plan to take. You can also consider on-campus clubs you’ve joined,work study positions, and so on. Discuss activities or assignments that you will be able to share with an employer to demonstrate that you have these particular communication skills. 3. Analyze how clearly you’ve explained how your experiences fit the communication attributes that employers are looking for. 4. Self-Awareness and Interpersonal Sensitivity are listed as other important skills. Discuss how both self-awareness and interpersonal sensitivity relate to being a competent communicator. also make sure to Refers to the textbook more than two times. You need to answer each question, making sure you write the number of the question before you answer it. also make sure Each answer is complete; sufficient detail provided to support assertions; answers focus only on issues related to the questions; factually correct. I took picture from the book and will upload them in couple minutes.

Sample Solution

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