Private-Sector Cyber security Responsibilities

400 words Industry plays an important role in protecting the critical infrastructure of the nation. It can be said that government and industry are inextricably intertwined today. The government no longer relies in its own technologies (GOTS, or government off the shelf) but rather those developed by industry (COTS, or commercial off the shelf). Complete the following for this post: •Discuss the role that industry has under the National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP) and National Response Framework (NRF) and the challenges that industry has in meeting these demands. •In a global manufacturing environment, does industry have an obligation to the government to ensure the integrity of it products? •Can—and should—the government ban or warn against certain manufacturers as they did with two Chinese telecom manufactures? This was not an issue when the government had most things made to its specification and manufacturing was mainly done within the United States.

•Discuss the implications of supply chain risk management  (SCRM) as it relates to cyber security and what you believe to be industry’s and government’s responsibilities. •Do not be afraid to use brief personal experiences in your explanation.

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