Program design for a classroom

Paper details Complete this assignment according to the following: 1.Design a class that you would like to teach someday. The class must be at least 4 hours in length and must be multiple sessions. It can be four sessions of 1 hour each, or two sessions of 2 hours each, depending on your topic and target audience. 2.Begin by describing the institution that is sponsoring the class (e.g., academic, hospital, or community agency). Include the philosophy of the sponsoring organization and how that will affect the course you are developing. 3.Explain how you determined a need for this class(needs assessment). 4.Write a one-paragraph description of the class.5.Identify the target audience. 6.Identify the learning resources you will use for the class (textbooks or other resources). 7.Write the program outcomes for the course and the learner objectives for each class session. Indicate which domains of learning are represented by each learner objective.

Sample Solution

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