How to create a dramatically packet for a hypothetical production of a play that represents or misrepresents the roles of women.

Create a dramaturgy packet for a hypothetical production of a play that represents or misrepresents the roles of women. Your choice could be a further look at one of the plays were reading in class such as Medea, A Doll’s House and A Raisin in the Sun or it could be of another play from Ancient Greece until today. Some background… Dramaturgs conduct research about the context of a play and then they communicate that information to the production team. Dramaturgs conduct historical research and relay it to actors and directors. They point the production team towards useful resources and images. They review the production history and/or filmography of the play. They study the biography of key individuals involved in past productions. They teach the production team about the major themes and messages of the play. In short, dramaturgs provide the production team with an interpretive lens and a context for the play. Your job for this assignment is to prepare a short dramaturgy packet (5-7 pages) about your play. Your task in this packet is not to make an argument. It is simply to distill the information that you have gathered into an interesting, readable, and concise format that could be used for developing a production. The packet must include the following sections (see sample): 1.0rigins of the play Where did this play come from? How was it created? By whom? 2.Production History / Filmography A brief recap of the most important productions and/or film versions of this play, highlighting any interesting features. 3.Themes and Messages What are the main themes of the play? How have people thought about what this play means? 4.The World of the Play / Cast Resources The time period, information about references made in the play, geographical and historical context, and other information that the cast might have questions about 5.Recommended Additional Reading and Key Images (no more than 2 pages) If someone wants to learn more, where can they go? What are some images that might help them better understand the la ?

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