Project Management

Scenario You are the manager of a large ventilator center located in a major metropolitan city. Lately it has been brought to your attention that a large number of artificial airway patients have been returned to the ventilator. They have been returned to the ventilator after receiving a bath from the patient care technicians. This return to the ventilator is due to their 02 saturation decreasing while having their heads lying flat in the bed while receiving care. Many patients do not recovery quickly from this process and are returned back to the ventilator for support. Your stakeholders for this project include the patients Patient’s family Physicians Infection prevention Quality improvement Your team consist of Respiratory Therapist Nurses Patient Care Technicians (PCT) The aim of this project is to 1. Decrease the number of patient’s having to return to the ventilator 2. Increase the awareness of the PCT knowledge of the proper way to turn and, give care to patients who have an artificial airway.

Sample Solution

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