Case history of Will and Marck

Read the Case History of Will and Mark: “Where Are the Parents?” on page 116 of your text. Then answer the following questions:

1.What is child neglect? 2.Which sub-type of child neglect does the case display? 3.How does poverty relate to child neglect? 4.What are some risk factors of child neglect? 5.What is the relationship between child neglect and juvenile delinquency? 6.What punishment if any, should Will and Mark receive for their actions? 7.What are some long-term consequences of child neglect? 8.What are some characteristics of neglectful parents? 9.Should Will and Mark’s parents receive any punishment? If so, what punishment should they receive? 10.What role should Child Protective Services (CPS) play in this case? Why? 11.What intervention strategies could be utilized in Will and Mark’s case?

Sample Solution

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