Questions Answered ( Movie, Apollo 13 )

Watch Movie, Apollo 13 the movie is on HULU for free. any questions please let me know. Please answer the following questions after the movie. no paper formatting required, just answer questions on a single space one page paper please. thank you. questions are below: 1. After the accident, how did Gene Krantz rely on the skills and expertise of his people? How does a leader successfully build a strong team, but then separate him or herself from the Team to make a critical decision? 2. How did Lovell work to initiate actions in the space craft? Was he able to balance that with his technical responsibilities in the craft? How did he do it? 3. How did Lovell contribute to the group process when Mattingly wanted to practice the docking procedure again after 3 hrs of practice? 4. When Krantz had the team in the classroom how did he establish the goal and then how did he go about motivating others? 5. Did Lovell make the right call when faced with the challenge of forcing Mattingly to stay behind because of the fear of measles? 6. Even as everything is breaking loose in Mission Control, Gene Krantz asks his team to “Work the Problem.” He then listened to the experts report in on their areas of the mission. How did his effective communication set the stage for a successful recovery? 7. Krantz stated “Failure is not an option” and Lovell told his crew “I intend to go home.” By clearly stating their ideas and vision how did it direct the teams towards mission accomplishment? 8. How did Krantz and Lovell go about alleviating conflict between the crew and the Medical team? 9. How did the Team handle the problem solving in working the “Power’ problem to conclusion?

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