Systematic Creativity

Use the
templates learned in the course in two ways: 1. To identify the patterns in
existing products / product ideas. 2. To create a new product. This is an
individual assignment and you are required to work alone (without consulting
with others). You may use the course material as references (videos, slides and
book). Tasks 1. Identify a product that could have been invented using one of
the 5 templates learned in the course. This means a product in which you can
identify one of the templates as if it was used to invent the idea for the
product. You need to search for the product in one of the following crowd
funding platforms: a. Indiegogo b. Kickstarter 2. Briefly describe the chosen product and provide
the URL of the product page. 3. Which template could have been used to invent
the product? 4. Explain how that template could have been used to create it.
You need to be specific and give all the necessary details that are part of the
template steps. 5. Starting from the chosen product from task #1, choose a
different template than that mentioned in task #3 to create a new innovation.
Make sure you explain how the template was implemented according to the steps
learned for each template. 6. What are the benefits of your new concept?
Submission Guidelines: 1. 2. 3.

The solution will be no longer than 2 pages in total (remember Mark Twain who said that he writes long letters when he doesn’t have time to think), 1.5 line spacing.

Sample Solution

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