Journal Entry Intersection and Religious Discrimination

 When pieces of cloth are sewn together, you
might have trouble discerning the individual pieces of cloth that make the
final garment, but by looking carefully, you can find the seams. You may have
experienced similar difficulty in the first week of this course when asked to
explore the individual aspects of culture that combine to create your unique
self-identity. Forms of oppression can come together often in almost
imperceptible ways to form the complex environment in which you and your
clients live and interact. As a social worker, you must examine carefully the
intersections between religious discrimination, sexism, classism, and racism so
you can respond accordingly.

To prepare:
Consider this week’s resources that describe how religion intersects with other
forms of oppression.

By Day 7 of
Week 8 Submit your response to those resources and analyze what you think is
the role of religion in reinforcing sexism, classism, and racism. As a social
worker, how can you address these issues on a micro and macro level?

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