UK Criminal Law

Felix was a used car salesman who was experiencing financial difficulties. He devised a plan to set fire to his car lot and claim on his insurance policy. He disconnected the gas supply to the heater in his office and set a timer to create a spark at 7pm that evening. The floor of the building above Felix was occupied by Gary, an accountant. Felix knew that Gary sometimes worked late into the evening but Felix assumed he would not be there that night because it was not a busy time of the year for accountants. In fact Gary was in his office at 7pm when the timer set off a gas explosion that demolished the building killing Gary.
Felix returned to the car lot at 7.10pm to view the damage. Inside one of the badly damaged camper vans, Felix found the body of Harry, a homeless man. Felix panicked and ran off. A passerby found Harry and he was rushed to hospital. Harry was beginning to respond to treatment when Dr Shanya, a junior and tired doctor, came on duty. She administered him with antibiotics without reading his notes which clearly indicated a previous allergic reaction. The doctor was busy booking her travel plans and failed to notice Harry was showing signs of distress. Harry died a few hours later.

Advise Felix and Dr Shanya of their liability, if any, for homicide. Do not discuss any other offences unless they are relevant to the offence of Homicide.

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