Why Amelia Earhart?

The topic of
this essay is, quite simply, why Amelia Earhart? Why does she “appear in
this play? What thematic purpose does she serve? As the Notes I gave you
indicated —you should look up who she is if you do not already know. Her story
is one of the most sensational of the 20th century. Think about who she was.
What she represented to the world. Why she is still remembered and talked
about. THEN think about why such a notable figure would be a useful thematic
device to Hayden Taylor in a play that seems to have absolutely nothing to do
with the real story of Amelia Earhart. How does she fit into the play? What
impact does she have on your understanding of the play’s thematic meaning and
the other characters?

Please Note – your essay should not tell me all about what the internet says about the real Amelia Earhart. You only need to look her up if she is unfamiliar to you so you can think about how she is being used in the play. Your essay should only be about her presence within the story of the play.

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