Benefits of Equality

Answer the following questions with 150+ words each.

  1. If people are so concerned about equality, then why would they have “women’s studies”? I mean, why isn’t there “men’s studies”?
  2. You study patriarchy? Like “all men are evil”?
  3. You study gender? Seems pretty basic to me. You’re either a boy or a girl. (gender vs. sex)
  4. How can you say that something like disability is socially constructed?
  5. I believe in equal rights and that every person is valuable and all that, but I’m pretty uncomfortable with the term “feminist.” From what I’ve seen on TV and social media, feminism seems a bit extreme.
  6. Why do you cover subjects like race, class, or ability (intersectionality) in Women’s Studies?
  7. I don’t understand why people complain so much about these things. I have never seen or experienced racism or sexism. For the most part they just don’t exist anymore. (post-racial/post-feminist perspective)

Sample Solution

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