Boss Tweed

Research William M. Tweed or “Boss Tweed.” How was Tweed’s dominance of Tammany Hall a typical example of the experience of the political boss throughout the nation. How was Tweed atypical of the machine boss? What led to the decline of the political boss/political machine? Be sure to discuss the define the political boss/political machine and discuss the rise of the political boss/political machine within your original post. You will need to use your textbook as well as outside sources for this assignment!!
Chapter 19: Open Door Policy-Please use this as your title.
Research the Open Door Policy and the Boxer Rebellion. Who was John Hay and how was he influential in regards to the Open Door Policy? How is this an example of the United States’ empirical desires? Why did foreign powers want to be so heavily involved in Asia, and China in particular?

Chapter 20-Progressive Presidents-Please use this as your title. 

Research the presidencies of Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and Woodrow Wilson. How were their styles of leadership similar? How were they different? How was each progressive in his own way?

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