Explore a Law

The purpose of this assignment is to encourage you to look at laws (policy) that affect older adults and make a determination about the ethics and values behind these laws as they apply to this population. You may use one of the laws or polices that were covered in the lesson or you may choose others. EX: Employment laws; Food Stamps; Consumer Protection; Mental Health law, Reverse Mortgage or Inheritance laws, Tax laws, etc.
The scenario: You are a ethics advocate for older adults. Lately you have been developing fact sheets for older adults to inform them about policy that affects them (positively or negatively). Write a one page “fact” sheet about the law or policy you chose. Make sure to include all pertinent information about the law including a description, benefits, things to watch out for or how to access the services or provisions of the law. Make sure to appropriately reference your paper using APA formatting style.
On page 2, write a brief memo to your boss. Indicate why you chose this issue – i.e. this is an issue of ethics and aging – what values are in play. How would you change the law, if at all, to make to better support older adults. If the law needs no changes, say so and why.
You can format the fact sheet to make the most impact but avoid typos and grammatical errors. If you do not have space for the reference list (probably only 1 or 2 references), you may use an additional page. Write a professionally composed document.

Sample Solution

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