Summary Memo on Sociology Readings

Write a short memo (about three single-spaced pages or 5-6 double-spaced pages) on the weekly readings listed below. Memos should concisely summarize the main arguments of each reading and then comment on the group of readings. First note the strong points of a reading before critiquing it.
Connell, R.W. 1997. “Why is Classical Theory Classical?” American Journal of Sociology 102 (6): 1511-57.
Collins, Randall. 1997. -A Sociological Guilt Trip: Comments on Connell.” American Journal of Sociology. 102 (6): 1558-1564. Rousseau’s Social Contract Book I and II, pgs 2-25 and Book 4, Chapter 1 on the “General Will” http://www.earlymoderntexts.comfassets/pdfs/rousseau1762.pdf

Sample Solution

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