Locate the QuadCouncilCompetenciesforPublicHealthNurses document in the Resources tab. Imagine you are the nurse consultant at the state department of health. This presenation has been sent by an advocacy group to the Governor for him to make the program funding requests and recommendations. As the nursing director, you have been assigned to the “Fact Check” which includes checking for accuracy of all the information. Based upon your research, select two core competencies and summarize for the Governor the need for the services and how this may positively impact public health.

• Identify the three basic concepts which are the foundation of epidemiological perspective on health and illness.
• Define endemic, pandemic, epidemic, hypperendemic, and sporadic as it relates to disease.
• Describe the three epidemiological models and how they could be used in public health nursing.
• Define risk as an epidemiological concept. Differentiate between absolute and relative risk.
• Distinguish between morbidity and mortality risks.
• Describe the concept of surveillance and its relationship to population health nursing.
• Identify the essential components of a community assessment.

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