A Strategic Assessment of the Emirates SkyCargo Business Model and Global Air Cargo Operations

You will need to summarise the key issues in the assessment topic, in your own words, and critically comment on the theoretical aspects of the topic.
Objectives The objectives of this assignment are that you will be able to: Identify and clearly communicate the air cargo business model defined and implemented by Emirates SkyCargo. Identify and clearly describe Emirates SkyCargo global air cargo operations and passenger/freighter network. Assess and discuss how Emirates SkyCargo is responding to air cargo shippers requirements in terms of product/ services offered in the global air cargo market. Assess and explain how Emirates SkyCargo is capturing and delivering value from its global air cargo operations. Quantify and analyse the business performance of Emirates SkyCargo business model in terms of annual freight tonne kilometres performed (FTKs), annual tonnage, and annual air cargo revenues for the past ten years. Task scope Explain the role of the air cargo mode in air cargo supply chains. Discuss the Emirates SkyCargo business model and how the airline is responding to global air cargo shippers logistics and supply chain requirements. Examine and describe the Emirates regional and long-haul passenger and freighter aircraft networks. Discuss the role played by dedicated freighter aircraft in the Emirates SkyCargo business model. Distinguish and explain the product/service offerings developed and implemented by Emirates SkyCargo in order to capture and deliver value from their participation in the global air cargo market. Analyse and explain the annual air cargo traffic volumes (tonnes/FTKs) and the financial importance (annual air cargo revenues) of air cargo for Emirates SkyCargo for the past ten years. Identify and discuss the factors that have either positively or negatively influenced Emirates S • volumes (FTKSitonnage) and air cargo revenues over the past decade.

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