A country with no water

Qatar Case Study Fahad Al-Attiya, who is the Food Security expert for Qatar, discloses in his Ted Talk A Country with No Water, that his country imports 90% of its food and only has two-days of potable water, due to the nation’s dangerously deficient access to water. (a) For this assignment, review the Ted Talk again and listen very carefully for instances in which you can map the criteria of quantitative reasoning as found in the AAC&U rubric below. (b) Then write a 3-4 sentence quantitatively reasoned statement that clearly demonstrates what is the problem Qatar is facing concerning it access or lack thereof to water. Also, based on your analysis of the Ted Talk what recommendation(s) would you make that might serve to solve the country’s water security problems. Use the rubric below to help you bring in relevant language as you construct the statement:

Sample Solution

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