Built Environment Audit Report

Use this audit tool: Walking Route Audit Tool for Seniors (available at: https://activelivingresearch.org/sites/activelivingresearch.org/files/WRATS_AuditTool_07.17.090.pdf) to complete this paper. There are 2 parts of this paper, please cover all of them.
Part 1. Tool -Describe and justify the tool -Identify its strengths and limitations -Explain significance of measured variables on health -Cite literature
Part 2. Describe potential next steps for built environment improvement and research
The site I choose is Fine Arts Drive in St. Louis Forest Park. This is route including one Art Museum and one zoo. I will upload the completed audit tool. I will also upload previous student’s paper on same assignment for your reference. Please do not just simply rewrite this paper. Please let me know if you have any question.

Sample Solution

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