Patient perception and experience of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) postoperative lumbar-sacral surgery

• Introduce self as a researcher and briefly summarize the aim of the study.
• Thank the participant for agreeing to take part in the study.
• Allow time for further questioning and answering concerning research project before proceeding.
• Ensure participant information sheet and consent form have been read and signed by the participant.
• Remind/ reconfirm that the interview session will be audio-recorded.
• Assure participant confidentiality.

Interview Questions:
• Can you tell me about your experience with the scanning process? Did you have any kind of pain, anxiety, or fear?
• What made you endure that when you were inside the machine?
• What made you feel anxiety, panic, fear, pain?
• How did it ease? What was the reason?
• Were you affected by the opinions of the people around you toward the examination? Did you feel increased anxiety or fear after hearing their views?
• Did their opinion scare you or make you feel anxious about the scan?
• How did the radiographer handle the anxiety, panic, or fear that you felt?

Sample Solution

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