The Popular Media

Pay attention to information presented in popular media sources, such as newspapers, magazines, TV programs, and the internet. You are looking for an article/story that discusses some recent scientific finding on a psychological topic. NOTE: For the purpose of this assignment, the popular press source must provide at least some discussion of aspects of the original research (i.e., its methods, participants, and findings). A very brief press release (e.g., “Researchers find that exotic Chinese herb may lessen depression symptoms”) will not be sufficient. In addition, the popular press article must provide enough information (i.e., author, article title, journal name) that you can find the original scientific article that first published the scientific study discussed in the popular press article.

The Assignment:
STEP #1: Select ONE popular press/mainstream media source (i.e., newspaper or magazine article,
online article, TV program) that discusses recent research on a psychological topic. Read this article, noting the general conclusions/impressions the average reader would make about the research findings based on that article.
STEP #2: Next, locate the scientific source (i.e., peer-reviewed journal article) that originally published
the research findings discussed in the popular press article. Read the original source, paying particular attention to how it may differ from the first in terms of language, tone and/or content when discussing the research findings.
STEP #3: After noting the similarities and differences between the two sources, write a critical review
that compares/contrasts the coverage provided by each (see Criteria below).

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