Consumer Behavior

1.Movie remakes often come out about 20-30 years after the original release. Why do you think that might be? 2. Ad testing in market research often involves showing initially showing people an advertisement, and then at some point in time later (say, a week), those same people are surveyed about the ad. Sometimes, a “recall” method is used, whereas people are asked in an open-ended fashion to name the brand of the ad they previously saw. Sometimes, a “recognition” method is used, whereas people are given a set of brands and asked to pick which one was in the ad. Which of those two do you think would represent a better measure of an ad’s effectiveness (if by effectiveness we mean likelihood to increase sales)? 3. Designers of user interfaces for products we use often (phones, social media, etc.) often incorporate the ideas of behavioral scientists/consultants (like B.J. Fogg: This results in products that people want to use again and again. The designers and consultants argue that they’re just making sure the products are useful, while critics (like in this article: argue the end result is harmful addictive products. Which side do you sympathize with more? Are these products really “addictive”, or are critics exaggerating/under-weighting these products’ benefits?

Sample Solution

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