Personal communication style

Below are the required topic areas and some questions that may help to guide your discussion.
Describe your personal communication style – this can include verbal and nonverbal communication. (25 pts)
In other words, how do you communicate with people in your daily life? Is your communication style passive, assertive, aggressive, a combination? Are you very formal, laid back, or humorous with others? Do you primarily speak or listen when communicating? What would make the difference?
How did you learn your personal communication style? (30 pts)
How does your family of origin communicate?
How did your family of origin influence how you communicate? Is your style similar or different? Why?
How did society/environment shape how you communicate?
How did your culture affect your communication style?
How did social class, ethnicity, gender, etc. help to shape your communication style?
How does your personal communication style differ from or relate to the professional communication style you are learning for work with clients? (15 pts)
What parts of your personal communication style will be a benefit to your professional communication style with clients?
What parts of your personal communication style do you think will be a challenge to your developing a professional communication style with clients?
How will you address these in a professional setting?
Which micro-skills have you learned so far that you believe will be the most helpful working with clients?
Why is it important to develop a professional communication style with clients? (10 pts)
Why can’t you communicate with clients like you would your friends or family?
What are the benefits for clients of a professional communication style?
How does this relate to the NASW code of ethics? Be specific and cite.

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