What Should Content Providers and Advertisers Do?

Discussion Forum B – Guidelines

Ad Blockers: What Should Content Providers and Advertisers Do?

According to the Advertising Age article “Yes, There Is a War on Advertising. Now What?” advertisements are being cast as the enemy as consumers find more and more ways to block them. Content providers need the advertising revenue to remain viable, but consumers want to block all of the annoying and/or irrelevant ads.

Do some additional research on this topic, and provide the links to your research in your response to this assignment.

Now, get your arms around this whole issue. If your boss asked you to explain it, could you do so? There are three main players (and some minor ones). First, there are content providers (website owners) who want to communicate content to an audience (consumers). Second, there are advertisers who are willing to pay the content providers for being able to place ads at websites so that their audience members (consumers) have an opportunity to see their messages. Third, there are consumers who want the content, but they are becoming increasingly annoyed by the advertisements, so they are turning to ad blocking technology to avoid the messages.

Now, answer these questions for your initial posting at this Group Discussion Forum:

  1. Should content providers and advertisers panic because of ad blocking technology, or will consumers figure out that the internet will collapse without advertising revenue?
  2. What should advertisers do to create advertising that consumers want to view? Can creativity or new types of promotion (e.g., mobile apps) circumvent ad blocking technology?
  3. Should content providers play “hard ball” with consumers who use ad blocking technology (e.g., not allow them to access websites if they are using ad blocking technology)? Is there a “legal” solution to this problem for content providers and advertisers?
  4. What is your prediction about ad blocking technology and its success or failure in the marketplace? What will digital advertisers’ fate be five years from now with respect to being able to reach consumers with digital advertising messages?
  5. Be sure to provide those links to the research you have conducted on this topic.

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