Environmental disasters involving hazardous material

Question 1 EMH

You have watched the videos on some historic environmental disasters involving hazardous material, looked at events in your own community Nevada and have begun research for your own papers. What are some of the motives behind the mistakes made in some of these disasters? Were they truly just accidents?

Question 2 EMH

Hazardous Materials spills affect a majority of the population at some point. Briefly summarize an event (closing of a beach or park, a highway tie up, etc…) that occurred in your area Nevada . How did this event affect you personally? How did this event impact the environment?

Question 3 Music

Video Killed the Radio star” by The Buggles was the first video to be broadcast on MTV. How ironic was this, to be the first MTV video? Do you think there is a double meaning? MTV changed the entire music industry. How?

Sample Solution

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