European Union – Think tank essay

Foreign External relation policies think tank essay:

  1. Briefly summarize the stages of the development of a “European Union Foreign/External Relations Policy”. Mention relevant treaties and the role of key institutions.

You have to use ALL 4 sources and provide IN TEXT citations (one of sources I have attached – book by smith)
You need to cite and refer to the following sources:

  1. Chapters of books by Smith and Bindi. Be sure you refer to them in notes in appropriate paragraphs. Not just list them at the end. (ATTACHED SMITH DOCUMENT) to cite (Karen E.Smith – Author) (European Union Foreign policy In A Changing World – book name)
  2. Production of UM EU Center (books, chapters of papers)
  3. Think tank reports of other centers
  4. Reports and documents of the European Union institutions

Sample Solution

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