External Analysis, 5 Forces Model

The customer section is the part that need to be done, based on the information that was provided. also, answer each question in three to four sentences. all information should be the same except the customer section is not correct. Customers A. Who are the customers? Who buys generators? Answer: talk about households, industrial, and commercial facilities, Hotels, resorts, and regions with a high risk of natural disasters like hurricanes, and marine areas.
What are their key buying factors? Answer: talk about why they are buying a generator. Example: for backup power or for primary power. Do most people want a portable or standby generator.
Who are the decision makers? Answer: write about who will benefit more from a clean and quiet generator. Example: households would like a quiet generator so it does not disturb them in their home. Hotel and resorts would like a clean quiet generator so that it does not disturb other guests and is quiet for weddings and other events.
What are customers currently buying and how do they buy it? Answer: Look on stanley black and decker and similar competitors’ website and look at the price of a generator.
Some competitors are Atlas Copco AB, Danaher Corporation, Fortune Brands Home & Security Inc, Illinois Tool Works Inc, Makita Corporation, Nacco Industries, and Snap on Incorporated.
Write about how much generators costs and if different companies (including stanley black & decker) offer
payment plans like layaway, renting, or monthly payments.

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