Stock Exchange for a Publicity Company

What is the stock symbol for the public company you have chosen?

NYSE: KO Why did you specifically choose this company for your project? Why are you interested in the company? I chose this company because I am from Georgia where Coke was founded. I am interested in this company because I grew up drinking Coke and it is my favorite drink. What is the nature of the investment for this company that you are planning? Please explain your investment idea.
My nature of investment would be having the company grow it’s own organic sugar for its drinks. By growing and harvesting its own organic sugar it would save the company millions and increase revenues by having organic sugar. The company would hire farmers to plant and harvest organic sugar cane to use their drinks.
‘””These are the instructions for this assignment”” Open the Cost-Volume-Profit spreadsheet and calculate the break-even point of your proposed project. The project must use a 6.5% cost of capital and a tax rate of 25%. Complete IRR (Internal Rate of Return) and NPV (Net Present Value) for the project.
Make sure you show your Excel formulas or provide calculations so your instructor can review your work. You should have also considered key points of any intangible benefits or costs associated with the project and begun supplementing your pro forma statement with sufficient background information to enable a prospective investor to decide if your company is worth investing in.
Rubric for the assigned: Identify the various revenues. expenses, costs. expenses. and cash flows. If a manufacturing company and investment deals with projects, the analysis breaks down costs into fixed and variable, direct and indirect.
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