How gender ratio impacts performance in a collaborative video game

Interview people: how gender ratio impacts performance in a collaborative video game(online game)? The interview can be done in person or through email. reflect on your interview experience by answering the following questions:
1) Why did you think this interviewee was eligible for your study? 2) how did you approach the interviewee for an interview? 3) Were you able to ask all the prepared questions? Why and why not? 4) Do you think your interview protocol worked well for you? If not, how would you improve it? 5) Do you consider the whole interview process smooth? And why? 6) How was the interview different from an everyday conversation? 7) Were you able to learn something that you previously didn’t expect in their use of IT? 8) do you consider the interview successful? And why? 9) In future interviews, what will you do to improve the interview? You could add more details not covered by these questions to reflect upon your interview experience.

Sample Solution

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