Improving a safety awareness plan?


Answer the following questions on Safety Awareness:

How does your (current or past) employer create safety awareness?
What recommendations would you make to improve or create a safety awareness plan?
Have you been involved in a work-related accident or illness? If so, provide a brief review of the incident and the results.
Identify at least 2 items you will address in your safety awareness plan.
OSHA – Recommended Practices for Safety and Health Programs – A safe workplace is sound business
National Safety Council – Safety & Health

  1. I currently work at a restaurant part time and my employer creates awareness by putting up posters all over the workplace. The posters are usually handmade and are big and colorful to drawl attention. Usually they will make them into puns to create conversation.
  2. I would do a competition for a safety employee of the month where employees compete for the title and incentives that come with it. Employees do better when they have a goal to reach. But I would suggest having good incentives for example at my restaurant job free food would get employee attention.
  3. Working in a restaurant you can injure yourself in many different ways, I once burned my hand when grabbing a plate from the food window. The reason i burnt my hand was because the plate had been sitting under the heater for a good amount of time before the food had reached the plate. Plates shouldn’t hit the heater until the food is place on it to avoid employees burning themselves. I should have used the towels management provides us as part of our uniform when grabbing the plate. Either way we were following the safety rules.
  4. The two items I would identify in my safety awareness plan would be repetition and teamwork. Repetition because we should constantly be using the safety protocols we were trained in because we sometimes will fall in to a routine that strays away from these safety protocols. Teamwork because we as a team should work together to make sure we all keep to the safety rules.
    Quality replys are more than “Good job” or “I agree”. If you agree or disagree with a peer provide the reason that supports your position.

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