Drug Policy Evaluation

The drug policy evaluation requires you to review, and collect evidence, on a recent drug policy, treatment strategy, criminological response or education initiative (see example list below). Please do not evaluate a drug service or organization. You should aim to identify and critically analyse relevant research, evidence, outcomes and debates around the policy.
There are two components to the assignment. The first component should be handed in as a 1,500 word report/evaluation document identifying the key components of the policy, initiative or response. Students should provide a critical analysis of the underlying assumptions embedded in the policy, initiative or response; the debates it gives rise to and the impact it might have on drug users and society. Please ensure your work contains a good balance between description and analysis. The deadline for the written component of the drug policy evaluation comes after the oral presentation detailed below so any feedback you receive should help to inform your final draft of the evaluation.

Presentation – 15mins
Once you have produced your report you should summarise your findings in a 15 minute oral presentation to the class. This part of the assessment will take place in the final week of teaching. You should end with at least one question for discussion. Then there will be 5-10 mins left for a class discussion and any questions the class may have about your presentation. The aim is to share knowledge with your colleagues and engage in discussion and debate around various drug policies.

Choose one of the following examples of policies:

  1. The legalised medical use of marijuana to treat cancer or MS
  2. The decriminalisation of cannabis production for personal use
  3. The criminalisation of all psychoactive drugs or ‘legal highs’
  4. Drug searching and testing in schools
  5. The Loop – drug testing service at clubs and festivals
  6. Legal regulation of all drugs
  7. A police-led drug education programme
  8. Drug free zones
  9. Supply reduction (disruption of illicit drug trafficking, dismantling of organized criminal groups involved in drug trafficking and production)

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