Health care Issues

Identify a current healthcare issue that is problematic in your organization, or a current healthcare issue that you are aware of at another organization. Briefly explain what the issue is and why it needs immediate attention. What risk does it present to the organization? Complete a SWOT analysis for the identified issue. For the purpose of this assignment you can use the headings ‘Strengths,” “Weaknesses,’ “Opportunities,” and “Threats” to create a template within the paper. According to Swayne, Duncan and Ginter (2013) the opportunities and threats in a SWOT analysis are perceived external opportunities and threats. After completing the SWOT analysis, explain the benefits a SWOT analysis can provide. Identify two additional analytical tools that you can use to further explore the problem. Explain how the tools can be used and what you hope to gain from using the SWOT analysis and the two additional analytical tools. The body of the paper should be 3-4 pages, double spaced. References Swayne, L., Duncan, J. and Ginter, P. (2013). Strategic management of health care organizations (7th ed.). Malden, MA: Blackwell Publishing. ( FYI chapter 6 and 7)
Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare. (2017). The Oro TPA 2.0 Resource Library Preview. Retrieved from

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