Communication disorder

The point of this assignment is for you to not only explore a communication disorder more thoroughly, but to also try to understand what it might be like to live with that disorder. • For this paper, pick a person of interest who has dealt with a communication disorder- this can be someone well-known like Gabby Giffords, Helen Keller, King George VI, and even Barbara Walters OR can be a more personal take if someone close to you has been affected by a communication disorder. • In TWO PAGES, use a research paper format to explore the details of their particular disorder, the struggles that accompany that disorder, and how they have overcome those obstacles. • Use APA format for citations. The References page does not count as one of your 2 required pages. No title page, abstract, or section headings required. Just focus on using correct in-text citations and forming your references page. • You must include a Title. “POI Paper “Research Paper” etc. are NOT appropriate

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