Current event

Among the recurring themes across our class is the recognition that writing is a force that performs social action. The work of each piece of writing is manifested differently across genres. In the same way, the news story functions rhetorically in its own unique way. Throughout the semester, you will be responsible for bringing in a total of 4 current event news story write- ups where you will: report on the gist of the story, analyze just how your chosen news story does its work (ex: does it make use of logos by providing empirical data, appeal to ethos-a sense of ethics, or pathos-emotion?) Does the article sequence information in a particular way that truly makes it work? What else? Just what does the writer do to make their story work? Lastly, don’t forget to most definitely react and respond to the news article. This part is crucial as the three parts of this assignment are: report, analyze the article’s rhetorical work, and respond/react.
Here are some guiding questions to help orient you:
What is the current event about? -What is happening? -Why does it matter? -Who is affected? -How does the story do its rhetorical work? -What genre of writing does it fall under? -What traits identify it as such? -What is your reaction to the story? -Do you care/why or why not? -Does it affect you? -How does it make you feel? -What does this mean on a global scale if at all?

Sample Solution

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