Kyle Abraham’s Pavement

Dance and Politics
(State-mandated Student Learning Outcomes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Additional Outcomes: 2)
Focus: Critical Thinking, Communication, Social Responsibility
Dancers and choreographers have used movement and performance to make statements about social and political issues including war, civil rights, democracy, and discrimination. Complete the instructions below to craft a professional paper on dance and politics.
research and investigate (videos posted in Canvas):
Kyle Abraham’s Pavement

  1. Gather Information (10%)
    Begin the first paragraph of your research paper with an attention getting thesis sentence.
    Weave background information into a cohesive introductory paragraph of your own words. Do not copy and paste this information.
    Note the choreographer, title of the work (italicized), performance year, dance company, musician/composer or any other relevant information.
  2. Movement Intention (10%)
    Research the choreographer and their point of view in this dance work.
    What is the social and political message within this piece?
    Provide research on the background of this social and political issue in support of your discussion on the topic.
  3. Movement Description (30%)
    Describe, in detail, a section of the movement that you think embodies the social and political message within this work. Explain how the choreographer delivers their message within the movement.
    Use clear and detailed movement description to illustrate how the choreographer makes a point through movement and dance – the physical. Replace the words ‘movement,’ ‘moved, and ‘danced’ with specific action words.
    For every descriptive action word (kick, leap, turn, fall, release, reach, etc.) there should be a corresponding descriptor (quickly, slowly, easily, freely, urgently, fully, etc.).
  4. Make Connections (30%)
    Describe a time in your own life when you have experienced a social or political challenge in your life or made a social or political statement through writing, speaking, moving or taking action in some way.
    What was the issue? What was your stance on the issue? What was your experience or intention in your action?
    How was this action conveyed or experienced?

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