ABC Hardware store is open for business 350 days a year. Annual demand for a power cutter at this store is 700 units. Replenishment cost is $15 per order and annual inventory holding cost is 10% of the inventory value. ABC pays $20 for each power cutter. What is the economic order quantity for this cutter, and what is the reorder point if the lead time is 5 days and ABC policy is to keep a safety stock of 10 units?
2- The following time-phasing chart is available for a single item within a MRP system. Complete this chart by estimating inventory on hand and planned order release values. Lead time is 2 weeks and order policy is 100 units, which means this part can be ordered only in 100-unit batches. Inventory replenishment is JIT, lead times are negligible. Week Number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Gross Requirements 80 95 110 50 Scheduled Receipt 100 Inventory on Hand Planned Order Release

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