Movie: “Clockers” (1995).

The paper needs to include 4 out of 5 characters. Consider the socially-endorsed goals that the main character(s) is seeking to achieve? Do you consider those goals normal and desirable? What specifically happened in the story that interfered with the achievement of those goals? Using Merton’s Theory of Strain, determine whether the actions of the character represent conformity, innovation, ritualism, retreatism, and rebellion; keep in mind that you might find a number of these modes of adaptation throughtout the film, depending on the specific obstacles and circumstances Conclude by determining if the criminal innovation and rebellion that resulted from the strain is understandable and should be excused, or deviant and should be prosecuted. Main Movie Characters: Detective Rocco Klein, Rodney Little, Ronald ‘Strike’ Dunham, Iris Jeeter, Tyron ‘Shorty’ Jeeter.

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