Pacem in Terris

The document is here:
First, please write a summary from number 146 through number 172 of this document on 2 pages. Each main idea must be on one a paragraph and begin with topic sentence(main point). If there are many ideas in this section, you have to write many paragraphs for those main ideas. I read and knew that there were at least eight main ideas in this section (from #146 to #172).
Second, choose which categories from the category table (attached) they are the main idea of the summary above, then based on their definition and its relevance to the text (# 146-172) and then analyze 5 categories among those categories based text (from 146 through 172). Each category is analyzed on a paragraph. (2 pages)
Third, write one Pastoral Application. Each idea is on one paragraph. (2 page) At least 6 ideas.

Sample Solution

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