Position paper

Your country is Libya. For this assignment, you will write a paper of 8-10 pages (1″ margins double-spaced, 12-point serif font [Times New Roman, Georgia, Cambria], with page numbers in upper
right corner except on the first page) with an introduction, four sections (one for each issue on the agenda), and a conclusion. The introduction will very briefly summarize the country background and the conclusion will summarize what you want to accomplish for the simulation. Each section (approximately 2 pages) will generally include the following: • How the issue affects your country and any specific policies or actions (both domestic and foreign) your country has implemented (including why the policy was implemented); – Quotes from your country’s leaders and statistics supporting your country’s position on the issue; – Any relevant international conventions, treaties, or League resolutions (you may also include UN resolutions) that your country has signed or ratified; – Arab League (or UN actions) that your country supported or opposed on the issue; • A policy statement about the issue (i.e., what your country believes should be done); • What specific policies your country would like to see implemented; and • Which other member states impact the policy position you take (and the ramifications of that impact). This is a foreign policy paper. You must use at least ten sources for this assignment. As a rule, rely on academic writings from established journals, well-established information centers (e.g. think-tanks), or major newspapers. Unreliable websites with dubious credibility should not be treated as authoritative sources, especially on controversial issues (e.g. Wikipedia or other online encyclopedias, blogs, etc.). Lexis-Nexis is a database source for news especially from foreign newspapers.

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