Business Ethics

What should Alex Franklin do and why? In formulating your answer, you have three colleagues to persuade that you are suggesting the right thing. Unfortunately, they each have their own favorite approach and you’ll need to make a balanced argument to each. Kent is partial to deontology (particularly Kant), Ah likes Aristotle’s virtue ethics, and Melinda finds utilitarianism most effective. Argue whether Alex should open the folder or not, making a unique argument for each one of your colleagues. Pick yes or no and keep consistent in your answer across the first three questions. You cannot change your stance across colleagues, only your justification. In other words. if you argue yes to Kent, you must also argue yes to Ari and Melinda. Or vice versa. you could argue no to all three colleagues. In making your argument, focus on the reasoning of your answer rather than the tactics of your plan.

Sample Solution

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