Congress and the economy

Evaluate congressional actions from the last eight weeks on the economy. Find a recent news article explaining a bill, vote, action, or inaction by Congress, and explain how it’s allowable under the powers granted to them in the Constitution.
Post by 11:55 pm Eastem Time on Friday, and provide substantive replies to your classmates by 11:55 pm Eastem Time on Sunday. Forum responses should be 300-500 words. Replies should be 150+ words.
A 300-word post and 150-word replies are the minimum requirements to eam a grade of a “C” or higher, but they will not automatically result in an “A” for a grade. Review the rubric that’s linked below for grading criteria before posting.
Please be sure that you have completed and proofread your work before posting it. You will not be able to delete or edit your work once you’ve submitted it, similar to the way exams and papers will not be returned for corrections after they have been submitted.

Sample Solution

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