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Research Proposal 1. What is the working title of your proposal? The title should give an idea of the topic but can be changed during the writing process. 2. What is the general topic area of your research paper and what is the specific focus? Make sure you look at one specific area of the topic – research looks at a specific topic in depth. For example look at the following titles/ topics.  The right to education for the disabled This is too general. It looks at all education and all disabilities everywhere.  The right to higher education for students with learning disabilities in Europe This is more specific. It looks at one area of education (higher education) and one type of disability (learning disabilities) in one area (Europe). 3. What is your interest in the topic? State why you think it is relevant and worth investigating. Write approximately 300-400 words. You can refer to the importance of human rights which are universal, i.e. they are applicable to everyone regardless on gender, nationality, age or religion. 4. What do you not know but would like to know about this topic? Write 5 potential research questions you could ask about this topic. The questions should be How, What, Where, Why, Who, When questions and not YES/NO questions. You should not know or write the answers. This will be the purpose of your research. 5. Is there existing research on your topic? Find 5 sources of literature relating to your topic. These must be books and/ or journal articles. Do not use internet sites. List your references using APA referencing style. Language The assignment must use proper academic style and expression. Furthermore, proper use of the English language (quality, spelling, grammar, syntax, etc.) is important. In case students are not confident with their level of English, they are allowed to give their work to someone else to proof-read it for them (only in relation to language). References Referencing should follow the APA system and all secondary data used must be clearly and explicitly referred to, with proper and complete citations. Examples are given below: a) Books  In the text According to / as stated by Nuttall (1996) or Nuttall (1996) states…  In the reference section: Nuttall, C. (1996). Teaching reading skills in a foreign language. Heinemann: Portsmouth, b) Chapter in edited book  In the text According to / as stated by Melville (1989) …etc  In the reference section: Melville, H. (1989). Hawthorne and his mosses. In N. Baym (Ed.), The Norton Anthology of American literature (3rd ed., pp. 12-34). New York, NY: W.W. Norton & Company. c) Articles  In the text According to / as stated by Yimwilai (2015) or Yimwilai (2015) outline…etc  In the reference section: Yimwilai, S. (2015). An integrated approach to teaching literature in an EFL classroom. English Language Teaching, 8(2), 14. d) More than two authors  In the text Saeed, Khaksari, Eng and Ghani (2016) state… etc. For the following citation: Saeed et al. (2016) state…  In the reference section: Saeed, K. M., Khaksari, M., Eng, L. S., & Ghani, A. M. A. (2016). The role of learner-learner interaction in the development of speaking skills. Theory and Practice in Language Studies, 6(2), 235

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