Hospital Compare

Using Hospital Compare, choose and compare two hospitals within your community. You may also insert tables and charts to demonstrate the data but still need written explanation. This should be completed as a worksheet leaving the questions intact for easier grading. The only formatting needed is a references page to support the final question. The references page should be a separate page using APA format.

  1. Provide “General Information” on the two hospitals you selected for comparison, such as hospital type, provision of emergency services, the use of electronic health information, and the overall rating. In addition, provide an explanation why you feel the star ratings are similar/different. Since you are currently, or formerly, a member of that community, give your personal perspective as well. (5 points)
  2. Click on “Survey of Patients’ Experiences” and compare the percentages for specific measures between the two hospitals, state average, and national average. Choose three different measures that are markedly different from each other based on percentages.
    a. Comparison of measures (3 points)
    b. Explanation of the data that is collected and used to calculate the measure (2)
    c. What is the star rating, how is it calculated, and why is it important? (2 points)
  3. Under “Timely and Effective Care”, choose one measure for comparison between two hospitals only and provide a summary of the marked differences between the two hospitals for that measure. (For example, a measure that falls under sepsis care, heart attack care, and preventive care). If the data is not available, choose another measure. (3 points)

After you have answered the questions, continue with a minimum of one page (double-spaced), to suggest strategies, using evidence, to improve the measure that was substantially lower (worse score) in comparison from question 3 (such as “Average (median) number of minutes before outpatients with chest pain or possible heart attack got an ECG”). For example, if the time for Hospital A was substantially longer than Hospital B, what would you suggest to decrease the amount of time that outpatients with chest pain or possible heart attack got an ECG. You will most likely find these practices in a journal article. Since the health care system is changing daily, please use a source that is no more than 5 years old. (12 points)

In addition to Hospital Compare, two articles describing evidence-based practices are required. You may use this worksheet to complete the activity with references following the narrative. Remove the “extra” information, and keep only the relevant content in the worksheet.

Sample Solution

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