Inside The Actors Studio

Acting is a tricky job to define. From the outside, it looks simple: learn the lines, follow directions, pretend to
be this other person onstage (have you seen this video http:/
in which Sir lan McKellen teaches Ricky Gervais about acting? Not required for the assignment, but worth 4
minutes of your time). But the reality for many actors is that there is a lot more preparation and analysis
that takes place between the first rehearsal and opening night.
One great way to gain some insight into how an actor does his or her job is to, well, ask. And that is just
what is done on the television show “Inside the Actor’s Studio” which airs on the Bravo channel.
This assignment fulfitls/supports the following objectives:
Distinguish characteristics of theatre that differentiate it from other art forms.
Describe the functions of the various theatre personnel and identify various theatrical artists.
Define specific terms relating to the study of theatre.

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