Paul Cezanne

Choose a particular theme, artist, or a small number of images on which to focus. Write a 7-10 page research paper (typed, doubled spaced, with one-inch margins) on a topic of your choice that is related to this course. It will be important to choose a very specific topic. The most common mistake made by students when they develop their paper is choosing a topic that is too broad. As an example, topic that would be too broad would be The Post-Impressionists: Their Life and Work. A good topic would be something like Understanding Gestures in van Gogh’s Starry Night. Much of the paper will be your own observations, but you will need to support your conclusions with pertinent facts gathered through your research. You can begin your research by consulting the extensive bibliography in your course text, checking the recommended reading, or searching online for specific primary sources. Actually viewing the art you have selected in person would be very helpful, but not necessary. It will be helpful first to write an outline, and from that create your first draft and begin revisions.

Sample Solution

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