Polio vaccine

The polio vaccine is largely accepted as among the greatest medical and public health accomplishments of the
20th century. Write an argument you would give to someone opposed to vaccination based on the eradication of the polio virus. Your argument must address the ways in which poliomyelitis is transmitted (and thus why it is so easily passed among children), the dangers of an epidemic in a vaccine- naive population, and the long-term social and economic damage that would be caused by an epidemic like polio (or the polio-like virus currently affecting some American kids every year).
Read: “The development of the polio vaccine”; https:/Avww.sciencehistory.org/historical-profile/jonas-salk-and-albert-bruce-sabin“Polio Today” section on Polio Global Eradication Initiative: www.polioeradication.org
Read: the post-polio section in polio narrative excerpts: http:/Avww.eds-resources.com/polionarratives.htm
Read: Lena H. Sun, “Paralyzing polio-like illness mainly affecting children confirmed in 22 states, CDC says,” Washington Post 10/16/18: https:/Awww. washingtonpost.com/health/201 8/10/16/paralyzing-polio-like-illness-mainly-affecting-children-confirmed-states-cdc-says/

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